i know you don't know me or anything but is there anybody out there with a crush on me? i feel like it's impossible. is it possible to have nobody like you? there's gotta be somebody... right??

Hi love. Maybe, but not necessarily. There could be no one right now but I can definitely say that there will be someone. Don’t cut yourself off from anyone because maybe they’re the one you want and who wants you, but someone does or will love you so just look forward to then but live in the now. Good luck xo

I'm thinking of being homeschooled for the rest of my high school days. But I don't know how to get my mom on board or where to start. I live in CA if that helps since I know rules are different for each state. Other school systems haven't worked out for me yet. Bad experiences since the 4th. I started school and I'm going to a art school right now. 15/10th gr

Hi love. I’m really sorry but you’re going to have to ask someone else for help on what to do, I have no idea and I also live in Australia. Good luck with homeschool xo

Hi, I'm kind of experiencing a setback with my heartache. It's not a boyfriend, it's a friend. We had a fight 3 months ago and things got very very very ugly, for me at least. I thought she hated me but it turns out the wonders if I hate her too. I don't hate her. I miss her so much. I get so her again very soon and I have no idea how I will react. I just miss her, I never thought a fight would be this painful

Hi love. Just tell her how much you miss her and how much she means to you, and also with the argument you can always agree to disagree with each other. Friends are more important than any fight. It’s unlikely she hates you and if she does, then it’s her loss of a friend. Good luck xo

My friend is going through a breakup that has caused a lot of his demons to come out. It's hurt his ego and caused him to drink. The last time I was with him and we drank it ended badly I was in tears he got kind of violent. I really care about him and always let him confide in me but now he says he doesn't want to see me again and that I'm too emotional. All i ever did was try to help him and in the end I feel like I let him down. I feel abused and slightly depressed. I loved him.

Hi love. It sounds like you’ve really tried to help your friend and I’m sure that he really does appreciate that you were there for him. Maybe this situation needs to be handled differently from the ones you’ve been there for him with before. Also, if he has hurt you in anyway physically please approach a close friend and family member about it. It sounds almost silly for him to break off your friendship over you caring about him and being ‘overemotional’. I’m sure you didn’t let him down, you tried your best. Maybe ask to see him one more time and just sit down and talk with him about whether he’s okay during the day when he’s not drinking. Pull yourself and try and hold in anything ‘too emotional’ like tears and hugs. Just ask him whether he’s going to be okay, and if he can move on or something. Focus on him and how he’s feeling, leave yourself out of it for a moment. Don’t let your love for him get to you. That would probably be the best way for you to really help him. Good luck xoxo

My bestie likes me. I don't like him. We get together occasionally. I like an almost ex that I haven't really spoken to in a year - saw him recently and everything came flooding back. I want a relationship. But scared of people and getting hurt. I don't know what to do.

Hi there. If you don’t like him back you should tell him that straight and not lead him on (not to say you have but make sure you don’t). You can either try and get to know him in a boyfriend kind of way, so go on a date or something or just stay as friends. Also I think there’s no reason to not be in a relationship with someone as long as it’s a person you like. The thing about relationships is that you probably (not defiantly) are going to get hurt sooner or later it’s just that if you are you can either push through it or move on. Truth is, everyone is a strong enough person to do at least onE of those things. So it doesn’t mean you have to let it hurt you, please don’t be afraid. Relationships of any kind are lovely things so pursue whoever you want :). Good luck love xo

I have a boy issue which I really need some help in deciding what to do. Me & this boy have been friends for a while and we get on well, he fancies me so I have been hanging out& texting him a bit to see how I feel back. He's cute but not amazingly attractive (not that it matters much) but I just don't know whether I feel the same back & I know he wants a relationship but I'm not sure if I do but I don't want to friendzone him but lose his friendship, cause that might happen:/ idk what to do?x

This is actually hilarious because that’s what it was like with my boyfriend before he asked me out. But this could be different for you, of course. The first thing you’re going to need is time. You need to think about how you feel because jumping into a relationship too soon could end what might’ve been a good thing. If you can, find a mutual friend to mention to him to give you time because you’re not sure if you want a relationship or not sure about how you feel. If you don’t have a mutual friend to do that then if he were to ask you out and you still weren’t sure just tell him how you feel. I know someone who was asked twice by the same guy but only said yes the second time, so don’t think it’s not possible. But the main thing that I can advise of you is to decide how you feel about him, and if you don’t feel the same way please be nice and let him down easy in person. Just do what you feel is best for you and I also hope that no matter what you guys stay friends. Good luck xoxo

hey i was the person who's message didn't fully send. The last part I was just saying that if I don't meet up with him, he said he will be mad/ upset cos this is our only chance and I've given him the impression that I really want to. So I feel really pressured, I know he will never forgive me if I decide not to..

Oh thanks for that. That makes it a little different but not too much. You should be honest with him and tell him how you feel, apologise for getting him worked up with your fake excitement. If he can’t forgive you for not feeling ready to meet up then that’s not being a good friend, even if he is disappointed friends forgive each other. I’m sure that this won’t be your only chance if you guys are or become really close friends. But he’s also sort of right, it may be your only chance in a long time. So think about it. You might regret seeing him but you may regret not seeing him especially if he really does get upset. Just know that if you say no, he will be disappointed. But if you say yes, you might not be ready. Please don’t let him pressure you though, no matter what happens it is your choice. (Also, remember to meet them in a public place around others, cyber safety! :) ) Good luck xoxo

So I've been speaking to this guy for nearly 2 years now,I met him online and earlier this year I told him that I didn't wanna take our relationship any further and that I just wanted to be friends. We have always discussed meeting each other and that it was only a matter of time, so he recently told me that he's coming to where I live soon so like in 2 weeks and now I'm really not sure if i should meet him or not.. any advice? I'm worried I'll start to like him & I can't let that happen. But h

If you don’t feel ready to meet him, please realise you don’t have to. But it may be good for you to meet him now, just play it safe and meet in a public place if you do meet up. Don’t jump ahead just because you’ve talked online for 2 years, people can be different in real life. The reason I say it may be good to meet him now is because you could spend a lot of time talking to him in the future when you might not turn out to like him as much as you thought, you may not want to be friends with him in the end. I’m not sure why you can’t like him but all I can say is that you do have control over yourself, you won’t necessarily have to start liking him. I’m not sure what you went on to say after that so if it was important please send that last part in again. It’s up to you whether you see him or not, not him or anyone else (even me). Good luck xoxo

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